Welcome to Stuff…Here’s a brief discography.

Life On The Ostrich Farm:

Our first recording session. Released as an album length cassette.

The Other Red Meat:

Our 1st cd..A collection of basement loops and rhymes. Recorded by Zeus (of Shadows Fall and Hatebreed fame) who tried (to no avail!) to understand the weirdness. The unlikely fusion yielded some forward thinking classics (New Millenium, Little Rubber Head).

Total Brain Control:

People In The Hills:

The rock album. After relentless gigs the band’s sound got heavier and heavier culminating  with these sessions at the legendary Slaughterhouse Studios. Standouts include Spiral In,Closer and Closer, and the mega heavy Chamber. Pretty much how we sounded live at the time. Out of print now..

We Must Rock:

Our version of The Beach Boy’s Smile? This album only saw white label release before we broke up, which was too bad. The 1st to be fully recorded at Ratite Studios. Songs The Experiment and This N' That unintentionally previewed the bands new direction. More world music influences..Lusher arrangements featuring horns, flutes(!), and LOTS of percussion. Some of this cd is being resurrected for the new live shows so stay tuned…

And the new album...

Supernatural Power:

A return to our roots, this time fully realized in glorious digital sound ("Ostrichvision"). An hour long extravaganza of theatrical vocals ,live,looped, and sampled beats, and strange instrumental arrangements. More of an emphasis on lyrics and grooves make this one our most accessable release. Now ready to take on the R&B market!