Bring it on, that Supernatural Power

More beats, bass, and brains than you can shake a stick at. We're taking it in a more hip-hop direction. Lot's of booty shakin grooves and plenty of rhymes to satisfy your cravings.

Features the tag team combination of St Mix and Bion, along with Some Guy On Drums, Rus-T, and MC Stash. From B-Boy troll marches, to tender bedroom ballads, we got you covered.

We Must Rock!

Supernatural Power, the New Album from Ostrich Farm
Supernatural Power- 53 minute CD , 14 Songs. Six-Panel Digipak

Track List:

O-Farm World Crack Town
We Must Rock Hypenotists
0 1 0 2
Riggers NYC
Sweatin' It
Yo Kid
Power To the People
Snow Keeps Falling
Jackboot Sunflow'r

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