If you are looking to have a new website built,
then I'd like to tell you about Joomla!

Joomla! is a one of the most popular website platforms today. Joomla! is a CMS or "Content Management System". It is open-source, free software. It is standards compliant and mobile device friendly. 

Mobile-friendliness, also called 'Responsive Design' is more than just a convenience. These days it is a necessity, because more and more people are visiting websites on their phones and tablets. It will really help your Google rankings. Last year saw the infamous 'Google Mobile-geddon'; when Google changed the way it ranks websites, favoring those that are Responsive. So if your site is not responsive, odds are that it will not see page one in search results.

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Another great feature of Joomla! is the CMS part. Basically it means that you can update your website yourself. Leave the design to me, and you can update your text and photos, using a web browser. There is no coding on your part. If you can do Facebook, then you can handle this.

Other features of Joomla! include extensions, which add extra functionality. Event Booking, Class Registration, Shopping Carts, Photo Galleries, Video Galleries, Social Media, Calendars, Contact Froms, and more. Just about anything you can think of, there's an extension for that.

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See their website for more info about Joomla!