Birdwaves Media Animation: The Kim Loo Sisters project

Step One > Pencil Sketches


The animations all start out as sketches with pencil on paper. This Louie Kiddie Revue sketch is 18" x 24". I worked off a press kit photo taken in the 1920's. For the record, I never trace any of the original photos I use as reference.

Louie Kiddie Revue sketch


LKR sketch detail


After I've got my rought pencils done, I decide how many layers I need to create depth in my animation. I decide on 3: one for the characters, one for the mid-ground of the set, and one for the backdrop. Using tracing paper, I transfer my drawing into individual drawings that I then photograph and bring into the computer.


foreground   Midground  
Foreground, inked on tracing paper   Midground  


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