Make Your Mac Sing!

WWDC 2016

From June 13 - 17, Apple will be holding its annual WorldWide Developers Conference. This conference gives Apple a chance to connect with software and hardware developers and demonstrate new features in its upcoming products. 

What does that mean for us mere mortals? Oodles of new stuff!

While Apple tends to hold its cards close, the expected updates include a new Os X (possibly to be renamed “macOS”), a new iOS for iPhone/iPad, a new watchOS, and a new tvOS (for AppleTV). For Os X, the crystal ball says look for Siri to finally come to the Mac.

The hardware predictions are a little sketchier. ‘Maybe” a new MacBook Pro Retina, a new Mac Pro, and/or a new Mac Mini. A new Thunderbolt Display is an outside chance as well. 

Make Your Mac Sing!Gadget Class

The people have spoken! They must have Gadget Class!

With all these devices being thrown at us, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone actually show us how to use them? Are we supposed to know this stuff by osmosis or what? (For that matter, nobody ever showed us how to do Taxes either, but that’s another story.)

What would you like to learn?

I have been fielding a lot of questions recently about whether I teach classes on Macs. The answer is yes, and the time has come for me to put it together! 

I am trying to determine the scope and form of the classes. I am thinking that it won't be 'just' about Macs, but about our Digital Gadgets in general.

To help me in planning, please take this poll. Thanks!