Make Your Mac Sing!

WWDC 2016

From June 13 - 17, Apple will be holding its annual WorldWide Developers Conference. This conference gives Apple a chance to connect with software and hardware developers and demonstrate new features in its upcoming products. 

What does that mean for us mere mortals? Oodles of new stuff!

While Apple tends to hold its cards close, the expected updates include a new Os X (possibly to be renamed “macOS”), a new iOS for iPhone/iPad, a new watchOS, and a new tvOS (for AppleTV). For Os X, the crystal ball says look for Siri to finally come to the Mac.

The hardware predictions are a little sketchier. ‘Maybe” a new MacBook Pro Retina, a new Mac Pro, and/or a new Mac Mini. A new Thunderbolt Display is an outside chance as well. 


Mac Tip: Passwords

If I were to compose a top-ten list of gotchas when working on a Mac, or just about any device these days, password keeping would be at the top. 

This has to do not as much about what you use for a password, or how many passwords you use. But simply where you write your passwords down, and how you keep them. 

For instance, many people have to register for this website or that. They get excited about using the website, or online software, or what have you, but fail to write the password down in a notebook or password keeper of some sort. The next day or the next week, they return and have no idea how what the name and/or password was. Thus begins the endless round-robin of password resets.

I implore you all: Please respect the Passwords! Failing to write down your passwords for safekeeping either electronically or in an old school notebook will only invite frustration and hours of lost time. It’s like buying a new car, driving it home, then throwing the keys into the woods. Don’t do it! Respect the Password, and save yourself from grief.

In my Gadget Class, I intend to devote some time to talking about this. Which reminds me:

Don't forget to Register for Gadget Class

The people have spoken! They must have Gadget Class!

With all these devices being thrown at us, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone actually show us how to use them? Are we supposed to know this stuff by osmosis or what? (For that matter, nobody ever showed us how to do Taxes either, but that’s another story.)

I will keep the scope of this class fairly broad, as there are a lot of similarities between our various devices. 

I’ll include not just computers, but other devices in the digital ecosystem: Phones, Tablets, Printers, Wearables, etc. My aim is to help put it all together, and show how to accomplish basic tasks.

While I will demonstrate on the Mac, I will try to keep things somewhat ‘platform agnostic’, so I can include folks on Windows, Android, etc. 

The first Gadget Class will be Tuesday June 21st,
 6:30 - 8:30 PM at Belding Library in Ashfield. 

To register for this class, please visit my website,

The price for this 2-hour class is $35. If you have any questions, please ask away. My plan is that this class will be the start of a continuing series. But the only way to guarantee that is if I can fill seats. So let me know if you are interested, but can’t make this particular class. 

Thanks, and hope to see you there!

What Birdwaves Media Does

Web Design

Is your current website mobile-compatible? I'm fluent in both Wordpress and Joomla!. Besides mobile-compatibility and higher Google rankings, a CMS also lets you update your own site using only your web-browser and without having to code. Let's get started!

Video Production / Editing

Small productions, all phases from planning to recording to editing. Editing in Final Cut X. Green screen available.

Mac and PC Support

While I prefer to work on Mac, and I only recommend them, I do work on PC’s as well. Got a problem? I’m here to help!

Music Recording / Production

At my recording studio here in Ashfield, I'm able to record groups. A sweet vocal booth is available for voiceover work. Audiobooks, voiceover, and poetry readings a specialty.