MYMS LaptopLogoWWDC 2016 Came and Went

Apple's 2016 World Wide Developer's Conference has come and gone. For those of us who were expecting/hoping for some hardware updates, the reaction was pretty much "meh". Nothing doing.

On the software side, for me the biggest announcement was that Apple's Voice assistant Siri is coming to the Mac. We have been waiting a long time for this. For myself, I foresee using it a lot more on my Mac than I do on the iPad.

This Fall will see the release of macOS Sierra (No more Os X!), watchOS 3, iOS10, and tvOS 10. There have been sightings of the iPhone 7, so that is a given for the Fall. You have to think that more hardware will be released at that time.

Fingers Crossed. Almost all their stuff is getting long in the tooth. 

Gadget Class Wrap Up

On July 21st I held 'Gadget Class' downstairs at the Belding Memorial Library. I covered a range of topics and devices. Not just Macs, but iPhones, cameras, etc. It was a lively group, and there was a good amount of discussion and question/answer. 

I am planning on continuing the class in the Fall. As the time gets closer, I'll let you know time and dates. In the meantime, make note of those burning questions that you might have. 

Many thanks to Martha Cohen and the Belding Library for the space, and to Ashfield Congregational Church for the projector.

Mac Malware Report

There is a report of a new malware that targets Macs called Backdoor.MAC.Elanor. It is installed if you download and install EasyDoc This app purports to convert some obscure files, but it actually a script that installs malicious files that can take over just about any aspect of your computer, including the webcam.

Odds are that you will never come across this malware. In addition, you would have to overrule the built-in Mac Os protections in order to install it. You will not come across it in the Mac App Store. 

If you are concerned, you can run Malwarebytes, anti-malware software.

Other Services that you may be interested in:

Web Design

I’ve been a designer, developer and webmaster for 14 years. I’ve created on my own many sites,  and assisted as part of a team on several Award winning websites. My current crusade is to get folks out of their old websites and into a new mobile-compatible one. I focus mainly on Joomla! these days. Besides mobile-compatibility and higher Google rankings, Joomla! also lets you update your own site using only your web-browser and without having to code. See my site for more info.

Wait, there’s still more!

  • Entertainment center setup. Including Roku, and Apple TV of course. But I also wanted to mention the availability of putting HD Broadcast TV on your computer. I got rid of my expensive Satellite TV service 2 years ago. I hooked up an old Mac Pro to my 42” TV. I have the major networks in HD, with Surround Sound. With Elgato Eyetv, I can record and pause live TV. Love, Love, Love it!
  • PC Support. While I prefer to work on Mac, and I only recommend them, I do work on PC’s as well. Got a problem? I’m here to help!
  • Video Production / Editing. Editing in Final Cut X, Video Shooting, and Green Screen.
  • Music Recording / Production I have a nice recording studio here in Ashfield. Able to record groups, and a vocal booth for voiceover work.

Thanks for your interest in Make Your Mac Sing! 

What Birdwaves Media Does

Web Design

Is your current website mobile-compatible? I'm fluent in both Wordpress and Joomla!. Besides mobile-compatibility and higher Google rankings, a CMS also lets you update your own site using only your web-browser and without having to code. Let's get started!

Video Production / Editing

Small productions, all phases from planning to recording to editing. Editing in Final Cut X. Green screen available.

Mac and PC Support

While I prefer to work on Mac, and I only recommend them, I do work on PC’s as well. Got a problem? I’m here to help!

Music Recording / Production

At my recording studio here in Ashfield, I'm able to record groups. A sweet vocal booth is available for voiceover work. Audiobooks, voiceover, and poetry readings a specialty.