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 If you had tried to contact Make Your Mac Sing! a couple weeks ago, you may have gotten an automated message that we were away. This to let you know that we are back in action, present and accounted for. 

We had a great time at Cape Ann....And had time to play with a new gadget: the Car!

Just before vacation we finally replaced our venerable 16 year old Rav4 with a shiny 2013 model Rav4. This was our first chance to use any of the new(ish) dashboard technology they put in our cars these days. 

I wish the car had Apple's CarPlay :-(   But there are some things I like about it. The major thing is the Bluetooth connection to the iPhone/iPad. As soon as you enter the vehicle, the music player connect to the iPad and we're ready to play music. You only have to connect the devices once, and the connection is remembered. And you don't even have to pull your iPhone out of your bag. Sweet!

It's also great to have control of your iTunes music player from the steering wheel. 

Also new to me is the Rear Camera for backing up. I originally poo-poo'd this feature; I have always been able to use my mirrors for backing up quite well thanks. But I now have to admit that I like it. Upon reading the owner's manual(!) which had many relevant nuggets of info, I discovered what exactly the lines on the screen indicate, and was able to back right up to the picnic table within inches. Handy for offloading gear! 

Lest you think that all we did on vacation was fiddle with the dashboard, I will state for the record that Wingaersheek Beach is rapidly ascending in my list of all-time favorite beaches.

Mac Tips: Renaming Files and Folders

When would you need to rename a File or Folder? For any number of reasons:  It may be that it was intially mis-typed; you need to reorganize; or you leaned on your keyboard and the file name is now gibberish (That happens a lot).

Here's a couple different ways to rename files and folders: 

  1. Select the file by clicking on it once. Then hit the 'Return' key on your keyboard.
  2. Select the file by clicking on it once, then touch only the text again and move your mouse. Be careful not to double-click.
  3. Right-click on the file, and choose 'Rename' from the menu that appears.

In all three ways, the text is highlighted, and you are ready to start typing. Most people hit delete first, then start typing. You don't need to delete! Just start typing, and the selected text will be replaced by whatever you type. Give it a whirl!



What Birdwaves Media Does

Web Design

Is your current website mobile-compatible? I'm fluent in both Wordpress and Joomla!. Besides mobile-compatibility and higher Google rankings, a CMS also lets you update your own site using only your web-browser and without having to code. Let's get started!

Video Production / Editing

Small productions, all phases from planning to recording to editing. Editing in Final Cut X. Green screen available.

Mac and PC Support

While I prefer to work on Mac, and I only recommend them, I do work on PC’s as well. Got a problem? I’m here to help!

Music Recording / Production

At my recording studio here in Ashfield, I'm able to record groups. A sweet vocal booth is available for voiceover work. Audiobooks, voiceover, and poetry readings a specialty.